King88bet Mesin Slot .Tuban – Advocates or attorneys that are participants of the Indonesian Advocates Organization (Peradi) Tuban company, grumbled about the visiting solutions for detainees at the Course IIB Correctional Organization (Lapas) in the local area. RTP Live King88bet

King88bet Slot Link . The advocates sent out a letter asking for a suit versus the legislation dealt with to the accused,
of Tuban Jail. Where, this suit is sent to the Tuban game slot online Area Court (PN).

RTP Live King88bet .“We have registered (the suit for illegal acts) with the Tuban situs slot Area Court,” said Nang Engky Anom Suseno, among the lawful advisors for complainant Diki Wahyudi, Tuesday (31/10/2023). King88bet Mesin Slot

King88bet Slot Link . He discussed that the problem started with his customer that works as a lawful consultant for Suksmawan (48), an accused in an alleged situation of scams and embezzlement in buying and sellingbuying and selling houses in the Tuban Rule location. RTP Live King88bet

RTP Live King88bet . During that time, his customer wanted to visit Suksmawan in guardianship at Tuban Jail in purchase to request a power of lawyer trademark to be registered at the Tuban Area Court. The aim is to get ready for the test process, on Tuesday 19 September 2023 at about 11.03 WIB. King88bet Slot Link

“Our customer wasn’t allowed by the accused (Tuban Jail) to satisfy Suksmawan because he was required to bring a agent from Sukmawan’s family. “This factor has no clear basis as controlled in the Invites,” discussed Engky, his nickname. King88bet Slot Link


King88bet Mesin Slot

After that Diki Wahyudi cannot consult with Suksmawan because

it was thought that Tuban Jail wasn’t professional in providing visiting solutions to attorneys. After that, he returned to jail again on September 27 2023.

“We, the complainant, returned to the accused to communicate with Sukmawan regarding preparations

for protection purposes in the test that will be held,” discussed Engky, the lawyer that is also a participant of the Ronggolawe Attorneys Club organization.

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